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The Pearl Plumeria Champa Inflorescence & Vermillion Congruous Divine Pichwai Gajra- FLOWER GARLAND FOR HAIR

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Two-way enchanted flowers of fabric to make a beautiful Gajra (flower garland for hair) with micro copper beads as pollen between each petal, enclosed with mini glass beads on silk thread. 

The floral part measures about 13 inches and in total along with the thread it measures 24 inches. 

The Gajra is packed in a fabric flower

There is no exchange available for hair accessories due to sanitary conditions, we apologies for the inconvenience:)


    The handcrafted pieces that we create have large volumetric dimensions, which unusually surge the courier prices. We have got you covered with it and the shipping calculated on the checkout is half and the rest is borne by us.