IBHI means "female elephant" in Sanskrit. Elephants are an emotion for the brand, symbolizing strength, auspiciousness, and spreading happiness as a cultural icon. IBHI is backed by the power of women ensuring that "female elephant" would get the limelight. IBHI is a small word that houses a big vision.

The Glassical Saga by Jigna Dave

  • Diaries

    for wedding notes, bridesmaid favor, notes, scribbling, doodling, pressing flowers & everything cute

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  • Gifts For Your Hair

    Our daisy and enchanted patola flowers have placed themselves on a silk hairband, Gajra Mohabatwala, Juda Pins & more!

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  • Lalji Poshak

    Krishna Poshak- Traditions at Loyalty and Gifting flow together! Krishna Poshak, ''lala na vagha'' as popularly known in Gujarat.

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