For Domestic shipments, Bluedart is our shipping partner. While for most locations, there is a committed delivery within 48 hours, under exceptional circumstances there might be a network delay which may affect timely delivery. 

For International shipments, as of now we have association with various bulk aggregators who cater through DHL, UPS, Aramex, Fedex and other courier partners. 

We’re based in Ahmedabad, shipments would ideally be have a transit period to the respective locations as follow: 

Mumbai- 36 hours

Chennai- 36 hours

New Delhi- 36 hours  

Kolkata- 36 hours 

Gurgaon- 36 hours

Banglore- 48 hours 

Pune- 48 hours

Why is free shipping out of the question for us?

What we create at IBHI carries heavy traditions of India, not in their actual weight but dimensions. The volumetric weight of each item far outweighs the actual weight, we use third-party delivery partners who charge us hefty, which we don’t pass on to you entirely, we share it with you. 

The handcrafted pieces that we create have large volumetric dimensions, which unusually surge the courier prices. We have got you covered with it and the shipping calculated on the checkout is half and the rest is borne by us.

What is the “Abundant Love” discount? 

The “Abundant Love” discount is for the abundant love you shed on us by ordering large quantums of the assorted creations. We only offer quantity discounts but we understand that our product line is huge and you cannot just fall in love with one product, you would want more. The “Abundant Love” discount is synonym of “cash discount” where we offer a certain percentage of discount based on the total order value, where you can add a mix of products you love. 

How do reverse shipments work?

In a rare case when you have to send pieces back to us, shipment charges are shared. You will have to courier the pieces on the address provided by the team and we will send back new/repaired pieces to you. While we would be bearing the courier charges for sending it one way again, as a customer you will have to bear the courier charges of sending it to us.