IBHI is defined for putting extra effort, love and thoughtfulness. The brand voices mature traditions of India in an eccentric magical form, garnishing every handcrafted piece with colours, bling, emotions and stories. LGI was brought on paper by Apurva Dave which rarely saw the face of business. While his daughter Pooja was rambling around his office, her childish vision for LGI became an inseparable part of her soul while she was academically pursuing law at the age of 18. Ever since then, the brand stood to grow out of her immense love for elephants, radiant pantones and day dreaming about aesthetics.
IBHI designs gifts for weddings, giveaways and occasions, creating a forever memory of that special day.
Order Processing & Shipping 
We have an order processing period of 12-8 business days, excluding the transit period. We understand that it is a long time, but "our products are worth the wait"- our clients made us believe this before we realized it. 
We do cater to express shipping and expedite order processing requests. Please get in touch with our team at +91 9978814653 for the same.
There are a few sentences which we should say out loud, proudly and vividly but we haven’t. We stand by them, they’re facts which make our organization stand apart and will make people believe in what we believe.
1. We manufacture gifts. We are amongst the very few, indulged into manufacturing in an industry which is filled by curators.
2. Our products are fabric based, we print our own fabric and have a collection of house prints.
3. We have given a digital insight to the heritage textiles of India and towards the western print, we have a Moroccan collection as well.
4. Up to 93% of each product is handcrafted, we take details very seriously.
5. We have put thoughtfulness to the opinion of “It doesn’t matter, I just have to gift”. The gifts we design and create take care of everything that matters from utility, aesthetics to packaging.
6. Our merchandise collection includes home décor, personal accessories and stationery which fits in all categories of gifting and caters to all wedding favors and occasion-giveaway requirements.
LGI Traditions

explained by Pooja Dave

Kanku Chhanta

Kumkum is a vermillion powdered color made using turmeric and lime, holds a unique cultural pedestal in our Indian culture. I have grown up knowing Kumkum as ‘kanku’ in my native language-Gujarati and seeing my grandmother perform the ritual of ‘kanku chhanta’ on every big occasion. Over the years, the ritual became an inseparable part of my soul. Every step we take in our business is massive for us, means and matters so much. From our photoshoot backdrops to print launches to festive beginnings, we have a ‘kanku chhanta’ ceremony for every moment. It is our little effort to take forward traditions, acknowledging every mini leap of our journey and being forever grateful to the rituals that have kept us connected with our roots.