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RBG & Solid Milk White Fused-Glass Coasters-Set of 4

RBG & Solid Milk White Fused-Glass Coasters-Set of 4

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These are made using the technique of glass fusing. Large sheets of stained glass are cut in pieces, we add our zest and splash of art and then a specialized glass kiln does its magic. 

They come in a set of three-they're triplets with a color of its own

The size of each coaster is approximately 3.75 inch in diameter and 6 mm thick. 

Each coaster has silicone feet on each corner to make it slip-proof and giving it a sturdy grip. They also lift the base glass of the coaster a little bit from the ground, thereby preventing scratches and damage to underneath surface

It's glass, it can break, though it is good omen but you would not want to see the pretty coasters being shattered in pieces, hence please handle it with care. 

Wash care: It's one-of-a kind and handmade, while it is cleaned and washed- it requires the touch of hands, please do not put it in dishwasher. The glass is smooth and clear, it requires gentle care of soap, avoid using hard chemical-base cleaners. 



Video call order inspection with IBHI

IBHI is thrilled to introduce a new service to enhance your shopping experience. Now, you can schedule a video call to inspect your order before it is dispatched, ensuring your items are perfect and meet your expectations.

 Schedule Your Video Call : +91 99099 76581 | +91 99788 14653

International Clients:
Please schedule your call 48 hours in advance so our team can accommodate the time zone difference.  

Please Note:
This service is for customer assurance only, to verify that your items are exactly as ordered. Major customizations or alterations beyond the pre-defined order cannot be accommodated during the call.

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Team IBHI's message for you

What we have mentioned in the description in words is simply 9% of how much we think when we design a UTILITY+DESIGN product at IBHI, we visualize and soak in more than what we can express. We hope this IBHI is able to justify the effort and skill of those 300+ women artists who have collectively made this handcrafted beauty. 

Materials and care

All IBHI products are meticulously handmade, involving various stages of different craftsmanship. Our creations are a blend of layers of high-quality fabric, Medium Density Fibre (MDF) for structure, and intricate beads and embellishments. The beads are meticulously connected using rolls of threads and hand stitches, adding to the uniqueness and charm of our products.

When you receive your IBHI product, it will be covered in protective packaging. You might require a sharp object like a cutter or scissors to open the package. While opening, please be careful not to cut into the fabric or the product itself. Although our pieces are sturdy, they are also works of art that appreciate love and care.

Handle your IBHI products delicately to preserve their beauty and longevity. Display them in a safe place where they can be admired. No amount of sunlight will affect the quality and finish of the product. The fabrics used are digitally printed using high-grade inks and pigments, making it sunshine friendly. Store them in a dry place to avoid moisture damage. To clean, gently dust with a soft cloth or a soft-bristle brush, and avoid using harsh chemicals or water directly on the fabric and embellishments.

By following these care instructions, you can ensure that your IBHI creations remain beautiful and cherished for years to come.

IBHI's no-touch policy

We might seem unfriendly but here's why! When IBHIs leave their dispatch unit to make place in a new home, they are sent in the most pristine form and we very strongly believe in first ownership, with the ideology that the IBHI has been only created for you. Hence, we don't have a refund or return option available on our policy list. We try our best to ensure safety while packing our IBHIs, but certain logistics mishaps are external and considering them we have created a room for exchanging the IBHI for the same IBHI when damaged during transit, for availing the exchange in case of damage, please get in touch with our team on +91 99788 14653 within 7 days of receiving the order. 

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RBG & Solid Milk White Fused-Glass Coasters-Set of 4
RBG & Solid Milk White Fused-Glass Coasters-Set of 4
RBG & Solid Milk White Fused-Glass Coasters-Set of 4
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