Jewellery Care Instructions
Congratulations! You are now proud owner of wearable piece of art, handcrafted using original stained glass & Tiffany style copper foiling technique.
This jewellery is 100% lead free
Each piece of jewelry is one of a kind, just like you.
Read the below Care Instructions carefully & remember to follow
1. Handle with care as both glass & solder joints are soft
2. Always store the jewelry in a zip lock pouch or air tight container
3. Avoid contact of jewelry with water, harsh chemicals or cosmetics after wearing jewelry
4. Avoid putting pressure on your jewellery. If the ring is tight for your fingers, remove it, adjust the metal ring & then wear. Putting in-wanted pressure may detach the glass piece from the metal ring
5. Cleaning - use clean, soft cloth to gently rub on the glass surface & metal seam. Hold in between fingers to provide support at the bottom