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WHAT WE BELIEVE IN: There are a few sentences that we should utter aloud, loudly, and powerfully, but we haven't. We stand by them; they are facts that distinguish our organization and will persuade others to believe what we think.
1. We are a gift manufacturer. We are among the select few who engage in manufacturing in a field dominated by curators.
2. Our items are made of cloth; we print our own fabric and have a line of house prints.
3. We have a Moroccan collection as well as a digital glimpse into Indian heritage textiles and western print.
4. Because up to 93 percent of each product is handcrafted, we pay close attention to the smallest details.
5. We've equated thinking with the attitude of "It doesn't matter; all I have to do is give." Everything from utility to aesthetics to packaging is considered in the presents we design and make.
6. Our goods range includes home décor, personal items, and stationery that fits into all gifting categories and meets all wedding favor and event-giveaway needs.