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Wedding Gifts & Favors | Festive Giveaways


Pooja Dave, Director & CEO, Loyalty and Gifting Ideas Pvt. Ltd., shares her thoughts on why giveaways should be a big part of your wedding.

Because we spend so much money on weddings, we often overlook a few key details. We want to provide our guests with memories they will treasure for a lifetime, but we also want to ensure that we provide a souvenir that will allow us and them to believe it wasn't all a dream! The gifting part should not be overlooked, whether you are a wedding planner or planning your own wedding.
Here are a few reasons why you should invest in gifts for a wedding and where you should get them:

1. Your wedding giveaways are the only tangible reminders of your special day.
Your stunning clothing, lavish food menu, and ornate décor will all make for a nice Instagram feed, but they will fade over time. If there is anything that the guests will remember for years to come, it is the handouts, so it is critical that they exist.
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2. Giveaways are a thank-you gesture.
The guests who attend your wedding make an effort to be a part of the festivities; they squeeze in the time, dress up in lovely attire, and contribute to the positive vibes that pervade your big day. As you count your blessings for having such wonderful individuals in your life, don't forget to tell them! All it takes to communicate your gratitude is a thoughtful present, and when it's something tied to Indian heritage, it sticks with them forever.

3. The favor presentation table is charming in its own right.
One of the most crucial aspects of creating a stunning wedding atmosphere is to add décor elements that make their own statement, such as a table dedicated to giveaways. It ensures that no one departs without receiving a gift and emphasizes how valuable the gifts are to you. They appear to be more opulent than any of the wedding's tangible decorations.
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4. Use giveaways to bring your topic to life.
Most weddings have a theme or a color scheme, and wedding planners go to great lengths to organize the event's décor properly. Wedding giveaways become the icing on the cake, boosting the theme's experience. They not only add glitz to the event, but they also ensure that a small portion of the theme is remembered by the guests for the rest of their lives, and as a couple or a wedding designer, there is no greater achievement than having your creations become eternal.

5. We have a tradition of giving wedding favors.
Giving wedding favors to our guests is a component of numerous cultures' traditions around the world, notably among Indians. While we seek to keep all traditions and rituals alive and well, we must not overlook this one. As a result, giveaways are crucial.
Keep in mind that your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event. However, this does not imply that you and others who shared it with you must forget about it after it occurs; hence, GIFT.