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Wedding Gifts & Favors | Festive Giveaways


Wedding presents have always been an essential part of the traditions of many cultures all over the world. And when it comes to us, Indians, we strive to make the best of everything and present a unique wedding gift. So why not make it special by giving our loved ones some one-of-a-kind wedding gifts? Let's have a look at the top ten choices:


1)Shagun envelopes

Shagun envelopes are important in Indian weddings since practically everyone gives financial presents as a blessing to the wedded couple. But when you gift the same cash in a well-decorated and personalized shagun envelope, that leaves a long-lasting impression on the minds of your loved ones. So, go ahead and try some of the unique wedding packings of the envelopes with a lock of fabric blossom.

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2)Diya Pallets

Diyas are permanent fixtures in houses and temples that are illuminated symbolically during prayers, rituals, and ceremonies. The glow and warmth of diya is considered auspicious, and it becomes more attractive when accompanied with beautiful diya pallets. These are one of the greatest options which can be used as coasters for displaying diyas or as sinhasan for displaying god and goddess idols, small rangolis, and whatever else you like.

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One of the nicest giveaways for the Baraatis can be exquisite handcrafted patola brooches. It's a piece of ornate jewellery that's meant to be connected to clothing, usually to bind them together, and it can also be used as saree pins as well. This can be one of the best wedding favour ideas for all male as well as female squad in the house.

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4)Pocket Square

The pocket square is one of the most elegant ways to add a touch of flair to a jacket and is primarily used to boost your look and give you a more sophisticated image. The patola print pocket square is the ideal classic and colorful favor for all of your male visitors.

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Pichwai discs, delicately beaded with copper balls, look stunning on your palms, table tablecloths, and, of course, in your keepsake jewellery boxes! These gorgeous Divine Pichwai rings are great for wedding or event handouts, where your squad can coordinate and vibe while wearing them.

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Earrings, too, have a long history and are usually worn as a cultural emblem. The detachable and reversible , patola enchanted hoop earrings with intricately buffed fabric edges, lighter than a flower can be a perfect giveaway gift for the bridesmaid and other female squad at the wedding.

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Traditional clutches are a great alternative for a beautiful wedding giveaway this season because they very well complement all the outfits. The clutches' lovely ajrakh designs make them perfect for the wedding occasion.

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The small potli bags have been around for generations and have now become a popular fashion accessory for people of all ages and genders. Nothing can replace potlis as the ideal wedding giveaway when you have such exquisite prints as Morbani Thanghat Kare, divine pichwai, and many other ethnic prints to flaunt and load with delight at any event. The many patterns, such as circular, pointy edges, and small one, make it perfect for any occasion.

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9)Wall Hangings

Any gift which adds on to the charm of your home d√©cor can be the best option for a wedding giveway. Well, who doesn‚Äôt like to add grace and beauty to the walls of their home. And this is what ‚ÄėWall hangings‚Äô do, one of the oldest art forms to ornate your home. The beautiful hangings made of traditional prints make the corners look more pretty and lightning.

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10)Signature Charms

What adorable gifts the little charms are! Hang them from your handbag, pouches, or key rings with this handy claw clip. They overall make the most amazing keychain for dressing up and bringing up everything. So, why can’t it be taken as one of the perfect options of a gift for a wedding guest?

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The above mentioned are some adorable gift hamper ideas for the wedding giveaways, so go ahead and surprise your loved ones.