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 It nearly felt like a dream, crafted to perfection with up to 93 percent manual work and embellished with precision-based cutting utilising a laser machine. We know how much our micro-beaded clutches rate among our faves, and we'd like to tell you about it! And do visit us to buy Indian traditional clutches.

The Foundation Material
Our clutches are as strong as those used on Indian auto-rickshaws because the foundation material is the same as that used on auto-rickshaw roofs, which is a rubber-based adhesive material that we utilise to produce our clutches.

The Material
The inside of the clutch is just as lovely as the outside, with pockets, a sling chain loop, and everything else crafted from our house print fabric.

The Glass Beads
Glass beads strangled in a single cotton thread and wrapped around a hand-shoved pine wood ball.

Tassel of Copper Beads
To ace our game of perfection, 216 copper beads of 4mm diameter are rolled together in sets of six on zari thread that is twirled five times; we don't skip any digits in this.

Collectively, these elements gives our clutches a very traditional yet trendy look, so go ahead and buy clutches for wedding.