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The term 'clutch bag', like other general expressions, can be used to describe a wide range of bags, with no specific dimensions and attributes. One of the clutch's appeals is its theatricality; anyone wearing one quickly transforms into a starlet. Here at IBHI, we provide clutches with various types of digitally printed cloth inspired by Indian tradition. 

Also, when we design the clutch, we consider not only the giver's but also the receiver's perspective to ensure that the product gives value to whomever it is given. Also, all of our clutches come along with a sling chain which gives a complementary blend of Indo-western look. Let’s talk about some of our beautiful clutches which go along with a variety of occasions.


1)We have the clutches, embracing Pichwai's gorgeous patterns in a simplistic clutch to flawlessly complement your wardrobe and serve as a fantastic wedding season giveaway! One of our prints is inspired by MORBANI THANGAT KARE.


2) Some of our clutches are inspired by the intense designs of Ajrakh which very easily gels with your traditional attire and gives you a very elegant look.


3) We also have a set of clutches where you may purchase two different flavors all at once. One of the combinations comprises radiant Patola patterns and magnificent pichwai for a timeless look. The second set has two clutches in the Patola design but in different colors. As a result, one has the choice of matching their clutches to the color of their dress. Even sets of three are available to give you wider options.


4) We have a rectangular box clutch with a copper-plated frame available. It has a detachable sling chain as an alternative. This allows you the option to design according to your preferences and the occasion.


5) We have a traditional clutch bag in a variety of shapes, such as elongated pentagon boxes, octagon boxes, and curving rectangle boxes, so choose the one that is most comfortable for you to grip. Macro encloses clutch is one of their possibilities if you're seeking a smaller version. Then go ahead and make it yours.


6) We provide a designer bag with a variety of print patterns, such as achromatic powerful Ajrakh or monochromatic Ajrakh on solid black silk. The print on all the clutches gives them a highly unique look and makes them suited for any occasion.


7) For every theme and occasion, there are colors, colors, and more colors. Our clutches come in a variety of shades and colors, giving them a vibrant appearance. Pastel pink, pink rose, bottle green vermillion, and a variety of other colors are among our most popular. As a result, you can simply choose a color that complements your outfit.

As you can see, we at IBHI have considered every aspect of clutches, including size, color, combination, print pattern, and, most significantly, matching to your preferences. So, quickly grab your clutch bag for wedding events and ceremonies.

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