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Giving gifts gives us a sense of fulfillment in our life. Gifts basically demonstrate your concern for others and assure them that you will be there to share their joys and sorrows. And giving gifts helps us feel good since we are responsible for making someone else happy. 

So, at IBHI, we make sure that if you want to present to someone, your feelings should reach out to them and not simply be a random gift that goes hand in hand. We have a plethora of such possibilities available to us that will astound the receiver. Let’s look into some of our beautiful deliverables:

a)Bandanwaars & Torans

We Indians use Torans or Bandanwaar to decorate our homes and temple entrances. The tradition of erecting a Toran may be found in the puranas. These have their own significance in terms of greeting guests in a traditional manner, keeping negativity out of the house, and bringing in new energy. And we have a large range of Torans, from the ancient AsoPalav to the Patola and Pichwai patterns. The patterns and colors we choose are so beautiful that they illuminate your home's entrance and give off a very cheerful atmosphere. So, a perfect housewarming gift for a new home.

b)Charms and cute ornaments

The little they look, the cuter they are. Here we are talking about the cute little ornaments offered by IBHI which includes some beautiful wall hangings which just enhance the corner where they are hung. They are available in divine color and prints including Patola and Pichwai pattern. Also, there are little potlis available to gift something precious to your friends. It again comes with variety of prints like Mor Bani Thangat Kare.


Clutches for ladies are one of the greatest options since they combine both beauty and utility. So why not give the different forms and prints of clutches at IBHI a try to see which one’s match best with your clothing. These clutches are also available with a detachable sling, allowing you to personalize them even further.


Diaries is such a thing that it has got major utility. For wedding letters, bridesmaid favors, scribbling, sketching, pressing flowers, and anything else adorable. These are again present in wide range of colors and some traditional Patola print gifts and different Ajarakh patterns.

e)Home Decor

Home is one such place which has always harbored your hopes and dreams. Everything for your house and your loved ones is included in our Decorative collection. We provide everything for your intimate festivities that will acknowledge all that makes the four walls of your house- A HOME, by harmoniously merging traditions, contemporary designs, emotions, and colors. It includes the fabulous Rangoli, sets of diyas, Navratna Patola Toran and many more.


We have an awesome collection of different kind of jewelries which includes earrings, hair accessories, scrunchies, Jooda brooch, Headbands, and several other cute accessories. All of these have got traditional prints with divine Pichwai and Patola patterns.

So don't forget to give your special ones a traditional gift that will enlighten them and always keep them near to their hearts.