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The entrance to a home is extremely important in Indian culture and history. It's the barrier between your home's immaculate interior and the contaminated world beyond. And there is a famous saying - They say that the home is where the heart is, so people pour in the best of their creativity and artistic approach in decorating their dream place. One of the most preferred traditional ways of decorating a home is having Toran or Bandanwaars at the entrance.

This elegant door hanging was once the preferred decoration for all front doors, and it was made with fresh flowers such as marigold and mango leaves. If mango leaves aren't available, banyan or Ashoka leaves can be used, but torans' traditional colors are red, yellow, orange, and green. The major purpose of these lovely Bandanwaars is to not just use it as a festive home décor or only to welcome visitors at home, but also to attract Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Let’s look into the concept in depth and understand the five important reasons to have Torans at home.

1)To keep the evil spirits at bay

The door torans play a crucial role in balancing the energy of the house. It is said that hanging torans on the front door will keep away evil spirits and negative energies. It is thought to provide protection from the evil eye. It also helps to remove negativity from the home (Vastu). So, quickly get a beautiful piece of Toran for home.

2) To invite and attract Goddess Lakshmi's heavenly principles

One of the main ideas behind these beautiful bandanwaars is to attract the attention of Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth.  Our history mentions about the lit lamps, enormous adorned water pots, and strings of flowers and mango leaves hanging from a house's door. According to ancient texts, the mango tree and its leaves are the home of gods such as Lakshmi, Govardhan, and Gandharva.  And also it is popularly said that Goddess Lakshmi enters only in a clean and decorated home. So, Toran serves it for all.

3)To welcome guests with all our heart

‚ÄėAtithi Devo Bhav‚Äô- A famous phrase of Indian culture. It has come to indicate that no matter who you are or where you come from, you will be warmly greeted and treated with respect in our home. Toran is said to spread happiness and Chaitanya in the house which definitely gives a warm welcome to our guests. So, why not one should order Bandhanwaar for Home to make their guests feel homely.

4) Pays homage to a long-standing tradition

The word toran is derived from the Sanskrit word Torana, and it is also known in Tamil as toranam and Hindi as Vanderwal. Toran is also mentioned in Buddhist texts, where it is referred to as the sacred gateway or entrance. The Sanchi Stupa is thought to be one of India's first Buddhist architectural torans. This elegant door hanging was once the preferred decoration for all front doors, and it was made with fresh flowers such as marigold and mango leaves. So, carrying along this age-old tradition of traditional home décor is a nice gesture to pay homage to our culture.

5) Celebratory for the house

A toran is a classic home decoration that is used to accent the main entryway. It is, in fact, the first item that greets visitors. One of the most significant aspects of Toran's is that they look wonderful, and they are unrivaled as a house decoration. Toran for Diwali is considered the primary decoration during the occasion.

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