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Shubh Labh Hangings + Enchanted OG Inflorescence Divine Pichwai & Bottle Green Navratna Patola Two Way Lumba Toran (FLEXIBLE)

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We Indians have adorned our homes and temple doors with Torans or Bandanwaar. The tradition of putting a Toran can be traced back to the puranas.


Base: Silk Thread

Two sided toran, each tassel is minutely stitched together

Hanging Mode: Hooks

The complete height of the toran is 3 inches, including the copper beads. 

We can make it as per the fit of your door/temple. For customizations, please connect on +91 9978814653

Shubh Labh Hangings
Team these two-way large charms with our torans or let it enjoy the stand alone beauty of pretty corners, dazzle bright and shine!

Shubh means auspicious and Labh means Gains. So it means Aupicious Gains. Hindu religion preaches that the gains must be auspicious in order for it to bestow happiness to a person.


Measurements: 11 inches long including the silk thread, 5.5 inches broad including the tassels. The emblem of the charm has a 4 inches diameter, the silk thread is individually 1 inches long


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