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Beaded Bunch Asopalav Tradition X Maroon & Pastel Pistachio Inflorescence Lumba Toran: Two way (FLEXIBLE)

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If you'd be talking to us about this piece of art, we'll tell you this:

Festivals and occasions in the Indian culture have a mandatory Asopalav Toran, made on a traditional red bundle of threads. We have evolved this beautiful tradition with Asopalav leaves made using silk fabric and symbolic replacement for flowers, adding permanency.

Customization: We have listed about 18 standard variants for size of toran here, in case your door size doesn't match with them, we cater to custom measurements. Please take a screenshot of this design, send it to us on Whatsapp- +91 9978814653 along with the measurements that you require. 

Worried about Asopalav torans drying out?

Our Asopalav leaves and flowers are made using fabric, they will permanently stay like this

Details: Each tassel of Asopalav is stitched together on one piece of thread. The disc which holds the flowers is 1.5 inches in diameter, including the beads. Each tassel has three leaves of Asopalav, the size of each leaf varies as per the natural size. The mid-rib of each leaf is created using minute stitches of beige pigment threads. Each bunch of leaf is attached to the buffed flowers. For the hooks of the toran, each end has a golden silk thread loop which is passed through the entire toran. The total length of each tasseled Asopalav bunch is 8 inches 

Packaging: In the Indian culture, torans are placed permanently, through out the year on the main door of residential/temple premises, however, sometimes it is just use as festive décor. For the times when they are not used, we provide dust bags along with the toran for storage. 

For safety during transit, the toran will be wrapped and packed in bubble wrap & corrugation sheets. 

Shipping & Storage: This toran is foldable, the volumetric weight of the piece exceeds the actual weight. It is easy to carry in luggage for domestic & international travel. 


    The handcrafted pieces that we create have large volumetric dimensions, which unusually surge the courier prices. We have got you covered with it and the shipping calculated on the checkout is half and the rest is borne by us.